Sinh Sinh Restaurant

Last weekend I had the pleasure of joining some of my friends to celebrate the completion of their Masters in Nursing Science degree at the University of Houston.  One of the evenings, all of us visited a Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant called Sinh Sinh in the so called Chinatown area of Houston.  This restaurant hosts some very traditional Hong Kong style cuisine.

I strongly recommend trying the fish and the BBQ.  Among all of the Chinese restaurants in Houston, I think this one has some of the best Asian BBQ.  One dish which is not on the menu but you can order is a combination barbecue meat plate.  You basically choose the meats you want (duck, chicken, barbecue pork, roasted pig) and they will put a plate together for you.   The barbecue pork and the sucking pig are great picks if you don’t know where to begin.

If you are visiting the restaurant with a group of four or more people, ask for the combination menu.  This is a excellent way to taste the different dishes which they specialize in.  We chose the six person menu option which included a soup, Peking duck, steamed fish (grouper), stir fried chicken with vegetables and walnuts, and a seasonal vegetable.  This was more than enough for us and we left very very satisfied.

Some people complain that the service is a bit slow here, but from the minute we walked in the door, we were immediately seated and were waited upon.  The food was extremely fresh and the service was prompt during our visit.  Of course, your experience may vary.

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