About Me

Andy Yiu is a Product Manager for IBM Collaborative Solutions specializing in the IBM Connections Cloud.

Prior to joining the Product Management team, Andy was a Senior Managing Consultant in the IBM Services organization specializing in the IBM Sametime and IBM Docs products.  With over eleven years of experience in architecting, deploying and supporting Global IT Infrastructures, Andy has a proven track record with initiating projects, managing team and processes, and delivering business solutions to Fortune 500 companies. He is known for entrepreneurial intuition, enthusiasm, and partnering with all levels of an organization and demonstrates an ability to effectively communicate and lead teams under pressure and with limited resources.

When Andy is not hard at work, he enjoys spending time with his family and enjoys the fruits of life.  Some of his hobbies include travel, photography and cooking.  Andy caught the travel bug since moving to Hong Kong in 1995 with his parents and has since traveled around the world for both work and pleasure.  From the domestic US to Finland and down to Australia, Andy is always on the lookout to experience new cultures and cuisines.  In the kitchen, he integrates the bold and wild flavors from his taste expeditions into his creations.  A majority of times, it turns out great and others, well let’s say that takeout was in order.

In this blog, you will find facets of his life and interests, from recipes that he enjoys to places he has visited and experiences with his family.  He has also shared some of his life’s lessons and advice he’s been given that he’s taken to heart.