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Starting over…..

It’s finally happening!

I am in the process of converting my personal blog into a truly personal blog.  When I started blogging, it was to try and share information regarding the areas I specialized in which I may not have been able to effectively share through other means.

On August 1st this year, I took a leap with my career and decided to try something entirely news……Product Management.  So far, all I can say is that everyday presents a new set of challenges and there is never a dull moment.  With this change and a new chapter in my career, I have decided to redesign my blog to reflect other things that I am passionate about and would love to share.  Many that know me personally know that I love my family, exploring great food and globetrotting around the world.  With that comes the opportunity to take some awesome photos to share with friends and family.

Stay tuned to this space, I hope to start posting photos and other content really soon.